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Friday, October 07, 2011

$100 challenge 2011: Day 7

TGIF!!! I'm so glad.

But a ridiculous thing happened, my no lock bedroom was locked. Eventually, with the help of my landlord, we managed to unlock the door. Turn out the knob inside had worn out, so it was locked both inside and outside.

Good that I don't have to sleep on my sofa, but sleeping on my sofa, is not a bad idea at all. I love the body scent on it.

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Breakfast. Instant noodle with leftover veggie by one friend, and leftover egg by another friend.

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Lunch, I made this in 5 min. Super easy. Using cooking cream, turkey bacon and sweet pea all leftover by friends.

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Dinner... another pasta menu. Again, sweet pea and turkey bacon and cooking cream. And with that, my turkey bacon is finally gone. So is my parpadelle.

I'll make a non-pasta meal tomorrow.

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I need a whiskey. My Uigeadail. My dail dail.

I had to spent almost $8 today, for my medicine prescription. *sigh* All my money spent this month, none is food related. So with that, I am $8 poorer.

Have a good weekends everyone. Love love.

Day 7 fund: $86.58
Spending: $7.83 (medicine)


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