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Saturday, October 08, 2011

$100 challenge: Day 8

A very quick update today. Headache is attacking me, the outcome of 6.5 hrs under hot sun. Cycled almost 20 mile and walks in botanical garden for 4 hrs. It was a good exploration, but very tiring.

The woods are very pretty with fall color. Making me missing the ones I love so much. Aishiteru, you know who you are.

I'm proud of myself today, despite only brought some cracker, and hungry like hell, I resisted the temptation on spending money on food. I did it. Came back quick quick cooked myself a dinner, as when I get too hungry, my whole body can get shakey.

No regret in doing that beautiful one-man trip today.

Good night everybody. I shall take a good shower and go to bed. Slept only 6 hr last night, that for me, is very short. I'm a 8-hr sleeping baby.

Day 8 fun: $86.58
Spending: None


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